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Pikotea TPV Interactive Digital Menus

Your kitchen will be more efficient. Your clients will be fascinated.
And your sales will skyrocket!

With one of the most unexploited assets of today’s hotels and restaurants: Your digital menu

How about a little Pikotea?


This is what Yesterday’s Menus looked like =

Static. Boring. Not at all Intuitive. A mere list of dishes (and, with a bit of luck, some ingredients!).

This is what the Menus of the Future will look like =

Dynamic. Captivating. Funny. Interactive Smart! Working for you 24/7!


This is how the only digital interactive menu in the market works

With Pikotea TPV Interactive Digital menus all the protagonists in your story are winners:

Your customer wins

Your digital menu interacts with your clients at home, in the office, in their Airbnb of choice or wherever they are!

Do they want to order right there and then at your restaurant or hotel?

They simply download your menu at the Pikotea Go App and they order from their own Smartphone.

In your digital menu they’ll find all the details they need to make their decisions: photos, allergens, filters, descriptions of the dishes, ratings from other users, and much more!

An agile, entertaining and effective experience – exactly what today’s customers seek and demand!

Your kitchen wins

Clients place their orders and your employees confirm before sending them to the kitchen.

The kitchen screen shows the dishes pending preparation, and the order they should be served in.

The kitchen screen shows the dishes that have already been prepared and the delivery order.

Chaos ceases to be chaos. Papers stop getting lost.

Errors are avoided. Communication improved. Conflicts minimised. And management, successfully streamlined!

You win

Managing a restaurant and/or hotel is a complicated task that extends well beyond creating a good offer and preparing more or less delicious dishes.

That’s why you need tools that streamline, simplify and improve your processes.

Tools like Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu.

Streamlining processes is synonymous with better experiences for your customers.

A better experience equals loyal customers, more new customers, and many more benefits for your business!

Still not clear about what Pikotea Interactive is?

Pikotea is the last step in Point of Sale and digital menu technology. Yes, Pikotea performs the same functions as a POS (Point of Sale Terminal). And it does it wonderfully!

With Pikotea you’ll be able to manage, organise and accelerate your orders and sales. But, Pikotea goes much further. With the Pikotea Go App, the focus is on your customers’ experience.

Are they at home?

Do they fancy your vegan burger with chimichurri sauce?

Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu > Click > Payment > Order > Kitchen > Home delivery > Points > Evaluation > Loyal customer!

Can’t it be any easier or more comfortable?!

Are they at your restaurant?

Do they want to choose amongst all your delicious options?

Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu > Click > Payment > Order > Kitchen > Feast! > Points > Evaluation > Loyal customer!

Easier and more entertaining – Impossible!


Try Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu free of charge and obligation!


Download the Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu from the Play Store.


Access it with your Google account.


Create your imaginary restaurant!


Try all the functions and discover its many benefits for 15 days!

It doesn't only work, it's essential!

Because your mission is to keep you guests happy at all times…

And your vision is to have your business grow exponentially, right?

Well, that is precisely what you’re going to achieve with Pikotea Interactive Digital Menu: income and satisfaction.

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