Technical assistance

Where and how do I register my restaurant?

Your first step is to register your restaurant by downloading the Pikotea Go App on your mobile phone.

As soon as you access it, the system will ask you if you want to register your restaurant.

Simply answer “Yes” and access with the same account used when creating the restaurant.

In the dashboard you’ll find your business profile and you’ll be able to configure your information, menu, tables, employees, etc.

* We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser to ensure the proper functioning of the web.

What do I need to work with Pikotea POS System in my business?

An Android device – whether mobile, tablet or Chromebook – and internet connection. That’s it!

What am I paying for in Pikotea?

You can try the complete system for free until you complete 50 orders or 15 days of use, without restrictions.

If you decide to continue with Pikotea you only pay for the system’s service.

We offer special rates tailored to your needs: contact us by email or phone call us to discuss!

Is the trial version different from the paid version?

Pikotea POS System always offers its full version, without limitations.

Pikotea – Register my restaurant

Here you can see how easy it is to register and set up your restaurant in «Pikotea POS – Restaurant and Hotel».

Can you set up my restaurant for me?

Yes, and we also offer additional installation, support and assistance services. Ask us by email or phone!

Can I keep my current POS system and only use it to receive orders from customers in my restaurant or at home or simply show them my menu?

In theory you can keep it and add a separate device with Pikotea POS System to receive orders.

Or, you can tell us what model you have and we’ll tell you if it’s compatible with your current POS system.

Keep in mind that Pikotea is the most complete system on the market: it doesn’t need to be complemented with another system and both the devices you need and our service are very reasonably priced.

To show your menu, you don’t need to install anything. Just create your restaurant and menu here on the web, and inform your customers that they have downloaded the Pikotea Go App and can now enjoy your menu in full detail and in their language.

Does Pikotea include or sell devices?

No, we don’t sell physical devices, only software.

You can install PIKOTEA on any Android compatible device, whether mobile, tablet or Chromebook.

But if you want to buy other equipment, simply ask us and we’ll be happy to help you select the most suitable one for you.

Can I become a Pikotea reseller?

We would love you to! The more we are offering PIKOTEA the better!
Get in touch and we will organise a virtual session to explain all the details.

Pikotea – Place and receive orders

Here is an example of how your customers can place their orders with the App «Pikotea Go – Place your order» and how your business will manage it from «Pikotea POS – Restaurant and Hotel».