We have created a new 'species' ... exclusively for you

We have created a new generation of “virtual assistants” for restaurant and hotel managers like you. For heroes and heroines like you. Because we just had to do something! We saw how hard the hospitality businesses in our country worked day in day out… They were overloaded, exhausted, frustrated… And we truly felt for them.

The hospitality industry is one of the engines of the economy in our country, Spain, and one of the main sources of income for a lot of families, and yet those heroes who were making us so happy with their food and service every day, were reaching breaking point. Not because they weren’t capable. Quite the opposite. But because the hospitality industry today is very complicated. And that reflected in their business: long waiting times, poor customer service, unmotivated teams…

And what happened to all the dreams of all those people who had started a restaurant with all that eagerness years ago? What Dreams?! They’d been long forgotten! That’s why we wanted to do something. We had to do something! And so Pikotea was born.


An agile and very effective assistant for hotels and restaurants

A friendly travel companion who accompanies you day by day making super easy all those tasks that are drowning you right now! Eliminating bottlenecks, human mistakes, misunderstandings and all those day-to-day problems that limit your ability to grow, are making you and your team unhappy, and annoying your customers!

Pikotea was born from the vision of a senior computer engineer, a graduate in design and advertising, and a specialist in sales. Our mission was to improve the experience of diners in restaurants, but we knew that you held the key to that experience.

If you opened your business’ doors feeling anxious every day… If you felt you had no control in the kitchen… In your accounts, in your social media, in your website… Due to lack of time and loss of interest… All of that would be reflected in your diner’s experience. That’s why we knew our first mission was to take care of you and help improve your own experience as a business owner. How? Digitising it. Digitising your management and your employees’.

Because we’re convinced that (good) technology and process automation make life easier in all areas. And indeed, with Pikotea, hospitality managers in our country have taken control over their business: over their employees, over their inventory, over their sales.

Pikotea has reduced service times by up to


and it has increased revenues by up to


Hospitality managers, their teams and their diners are happy.

And so are we!


A species that evolves with you

As we began our journey, we identified one of the greatest offenders of today’s hospitality industry: the menu. Most of the restaurants we analysed had menus that were not informative and they were dirty from being passed around from hand to hand – these menus instead of motivating and enticing clients, were scaring them away! That’s how we decided to improve that key element in users’ experience – by creating the Pikotea Go App.

And what a success it was!

Customers were amazed to have a menu that offered so much information. “But what if the customer could order directly from the App?”, we asked ourselves. We lacked one element: the Receiver for the restaurant. Did that little detail stop us? Absolutely not. We created a Receiver for our App and started testing it in real scenarios. We received a lot of feedback from business owners and diners. And we moulded “this new species” to their comments and needs.

Until we realise what was really going to transform the final experience of business owner

We needed to create a POS system that opened and closed the till each day, keeping tabs on their accounts, controlling inventory and managing all business actions. On site and remotely. Would it be possible? It was. The old Receiver evolved and became a tactile POS system integrated to the Digital Menu App.

And no, this is not the final step in the Pikotea evolution.

We are constantly listening to you and improving the functionalities of our products. We always have one goal in mind – to improve your diner’s experience and transform your day to day with a global management tool for your hospitality business. An agile, fast and super effective digital assistant with a single mission: to help you achieve your dreams as soon as possible.

That assistant is called Pikotea.

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