Pikotea Virtual POS

Your business, in autopilot, with the Tactile Point of Sale especially design for the restaurant and hotel industry

Time for a little PIKOTEA?


The Pikotea Interactive Virtual POS is the last step in the evolution of Digital Menus and Points of Sale.

With Pikotea, you not only have absolute real-time control over your inventory reuptake process, cost control, orders and sales.

With our Interactive POS, your customers can place their order from their mobile, whether they’re at home or at your location.

What does that mean?

Increased agility

With our POS Software all your management and sales processes are significantly streamlined, earning you time that translates into up to 40% more revenue.

More control

With our POS for restaurants and hotels you’ll have real-time control of what happens in each area of your business. Without loose ends, your processes will flows and sales will multiply.

Customer experience

Your clients find all kinds of details in the Pikotea Go App: photos, allergens, filters, descriptions, evaluations, etc. Their experience is easy, comfortable and amazing!

What kind of business is our POS software designed for?

Pikotea Interactive has been designed for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes or any other kind of hospitality business – small or large -, from mobile businesses like Food Trucks to exclusive resorts like The Fortuny Resort!

FBC Fortuny Resort in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

One of the most exclusive resorts in the Canary Islands had our Tactile POS installed at various points of its properties. Now, guests can order their favourite dishes from their rooms, the hotel’s restaurants or from the sun beds by the pool! A much more agile service and an unbeatable customer experience that has resulted in 33% more revenue and countless positive recommendations on TripAdvisor!

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In which areas will you be seeing immediate improvements when you install our POS software in your business?

Improvements in your dining room

Real-time remote control

With a single device (or as many as you need!) you will have control of your entire business, even if you are out!

Save 25% of your time

From your personalised interface you will be able to monitor or edit any detail in real time: assign roles to your waiters, control and confirm orders, and save a minimum of 25% of your time taking orders virtually!

Easy to configure and edit

Our POS software for the hospitality is so easy to use that anyone without any knowledge of the system will be able to configure profiles and edit the information in the menu at any time and from any device.

With you 24/7

We support you 24/7 with extra creation, installation, and assistance services!

TacoBross, Rota (Cádiz)

María Sánchez, the co-owner of TacoBross lives in Ceuta and her business is in Rota (Cádiz). For Maria it was essential to have real-time access to her business’ back office and see what transpires while she is away. With our Tactile POS for the hospitality industry, TacoBross not only increased its customers by 23% in less than a month but it also eliminated one of the most serious problems of any hospitality business: employee turnover. With the Pikotea Interactive POS system, this business is now making both its external and internal clients happy!

Improvements in your kitchen's workflow

Instant digital communication

Your dinning room staff takes clients’ orders at the Pikotea Commander, a mobile device which then sends them to their corresponding destination. The pending orders appear on the kitchen screen and organises the dishes prepared in the kitchen for delivery.

Less errors, less conflict

This immediacy and precision create an effective working methodology that improves communication and performance in the kitchen and between the restaurant’s sections, reducing human errors, conflict, and speeding up management.

You won’t use paper and the planet will thank you!

There will be no loose ends in the kitchen and you’ll even save on paper!

Absolute control over your stock

In addition, you have absolute control of your stock, provisions used, and the profit margin reflected in your cost analysis. You’ll never miss anything, and you’ll always know the exact cost of each one of your dishes!

HomeB Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz

Antonio and Manolo – the owners of HomeB – started receiving an avalanche of orders from their new home delivery section. They spent a lot of time, which they didn’t have, taking orders over the phone. It was pure chaos! Now, thanks to the installation of our Virtual POS and the Pikotea Customer App, HomeB controls their flow of orders, preparation and home delivery to perfection. A better workflow has resulted in 37% more sales for Antonio and Manolo!

Improvements in your management

Personalised roles

Each role is customised according to the employee’s function. You decide who access what screens to expedite the taking of orders and order management.

Deliveries Management

You can now control home deliveries and have the necessary information to have them sent asap. You’ll even have the option to integrate your workflow with the delivery company!

Order Control

Efficiently manage all your orders, cooking, processing times, reports, average ticket, till opening and closing and much more. In real time. When you have control, you have results!

Sushi Panda Beach, 4 locations in Cádiz

Cadiz-based Sushi Panda Beach chain has opted for the complete Pikotea Interactive TPV system. And that means that they are fully connected: from the time clients place their order through the app, until it reaches the kitchen, the pass and final delivery. Being several partners in several locations, they all now have remote control from their phones. Having absolute control of everything that takes place in their four restaurants has resulted in a 32% increase in their profits.

Improve in your reputation

Less wait time

The Pikotea POS Tactile Screen for the Hospitality industry includes a free App for your clients which details your menu and its products including images, several languages, allergens, reviews, etc.

Most satisfied customers

Your client has the option to view the menu and/or order from your restaurant or from any other place.

Since they’d have to wait less, they’ll feel a lot more satisfied!

Compatible with Google Talkback

Our application is compatible with Google Talkback so that your visually impaired customers can also access your menu from any point.

Offers and discounts program

Your client will also have access to your offers and discounts program which will increase their levels of consumption and compel them to return to you more often.

Canti del Titi, San Fernando, Cádiz

Before installing Pikotea, in extremely busy times, there was mayhem in the kitchen having to count paper orders! The kitchen staff didn’t know what was pending, and they invested a lot of time and energy in getting out of that chaos. Customers noticed it and evidently, they ended up dissatisfied. Now with a single click the team of the Cantina del Titi is able to access all their necessary information very quickly. They have a total of 8 POS stations and a kitchen screen. Customers have to wait up to 15% less, they leave a lot more satisfied, have higher table turnover and have increased their sales by 35%.

So you have two options


Continue without Pikotea Digital Menu

Administrative chaos

Long waits

Inventory Mayhem

Misunderstandings between kitchen and living room

Unsatisfied clients

Unmotivated Employees

Minimum growth


Install Pikotea Digital Menu

Perfectly tied administrative loose ends

Agility of process = ultrafast service

Inventory and cost control in real time

Perfect flow and communication between kitchen and dining room

Fascinated customers!

Happy and proud employees

Exponential growth!


Pikotea POS for the hospitality industry?